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Karastan is now available at our Royal Palm Beach showroom!

Calculating back splash square feet.

Calculating back splash square feet.


We just recieved our new Anso Caress display at our Palm Beach Gardens store. This stuff is beautiful!


We just recieved our new Anso Caress display at our Palm Beach Gardens store. This stuff is beautiful!

Tips On Choosing Laminate Flooring

One element of the home that everyone wants to look good is the flooring. The floor is a very important aspect of the home, since it adds to the rest of the decor, and also has to be functional and comfortable. A lot of people like to have hardwood floors in their homes, since these are aesthetically pleasing as well as durable and natural. Unfortunately, these floors are quite expensive and can often be too much for most people. This is why laminate flooring is a great alternative.

Laminate floors are very similar to hardwood, but much less expensive. They are covered in hard plastic which makes them durable and hard. These are used as flooring by many people who want to have hardwood floor but who cannot afford to install and maintain these floors. Laminated flooring is easy to install and easy to maintain as well.

To choose the best laminated flooring, it is good to look for the best design and textured product. There are many different kinds of designs for laminate, so look for one that you like. Usually, laminate flooring will be made to look as if it is made up of planks, when it is actually cut up into sections of a larger piece.

Depending on your preferences, choose the texture that you want along with the kind of wood patterns you like. The color is also important, since different colors create different looks in a home. Choose a color that will best fit your planned decor, so that the rooms in your home will look well designed and creative.

There are many different producers who make laminated floors. You need to look for a company that creates high quality and durable laminated floors. Warranties are very important, since you will need them in case you find that your laminated floor is not as good as you thought it would be. Ten year warranties are the best, since they are assured of quality.

Another aspect you need to think about when searching for laminate is the manner in which it will be installed. There are different ways to install the flooring, such as with an adhesive agent, with nails or with grooves.

If you are planning to have the floor in the kitchen or in a bathroom, where it will definitely be exposed to water, you need to make sure that your laminated floor will be able to withstand it. Try to ask for the suggested areas that the certain laminated flooring should be installed in.

When choosing your flooring, make sure that it fits to your personal style and what you need in flooring. Make sure that not only does it do well in functionality, but that you are comfortable with using it in your home.

Laminate flooring is definitely a great substitute for hardwood floors, since it is durable, practical, beautiful, and most importantly, affordable. It can definitely last even when used often, and it doesn’t require any special treatment aside from cleaning, unlike most hardwood floors.

What exactly is engineered hardwood flooring?

Nowadays, people prefer engineered hardwood flooring instead of hardwood flooring that is natural. The reason for this is that the construction of engineered hardwood flooring gives it features that are not to be seen in hardwood flooring that is natural. Engineered hardwood flooring is able to resist moisture more and is less expensive.

There are a number of differences in the construction of engineered hardwood flooring and natural flooring that is constructed completely out of hardwood. Hardwood that is used for engineered flooring is found in the top layer. The kinds of hardwood that are used for engineered hardwood flooring include bamboo, teak, ash, pine and oak. The top layer gives engineered hardwood flooring similar visual beauty like the natural flooring. A core layer is glued below the top layer. This core layer has layers of affordable and replenishable wood. These layers might be high-density or medium density plywood or fiber wood. The number of layers that make up the core differ as per the flooring manufacturer. A majority of flooring manufacturers make use of three wood layers in the core. But there are many flooring manufacturers who are starting to construct layers of core that will have about 5 to 7 wood layers. More wood layers are being added to the core as the extra layers make the engineered hardwood flooring even more durable. If there are extreme weather changes, hardwood flooring that is natural tends to contract and expand to the extent that it will warp or buckle. Engineered hardwood flooring has a core layer that enables it to contract and expand without warping or buckling like the natural flooring. This implies that engineered hardwood flooring is not affected much by conditions of the environment. It would be a preferable choice as compared to hardwood flooring that is natural. An engineered hardwood flooring could be installed in a damp or humid basement unlike a natural one. Such a type of flooring could even be fixed over a system of radiant heating without it suffering any kind of damage. If natural flooring is fixed over the heating system, it would shrink, cup or buckle. Engineered hardwood flooring could be fixed as a floating floor. In other words, it could be installed on a surface without making use of nails or glue. Such a floor would let you have flooring that does not have any gaps between the panels. For installing engineered hardwood flooring, a vapor barrier has to be placed between the floor and the surface.

A locking system of groove and tongue helps to install the engineered hardwood flooring as a floating one. Here, the hardwood planks have to be clicked and locked together. As you can see, engineered hardwood flooring can be fixed very quickly. If the owner of the house is moving, the hardwood planks can be taken apart easily and taken into the new home. The system of locking makes it easy to replace damaged planks. Don’t you agree that engineered hardwood flooring is cool?

Why Laminate Flooring is popular

Laminate flooring is a very hot release from the flooring industry. This is a revolutionary product that is satisfying customers day in and day out. It is especially preferred by homeowners who are young and who wish to modernize their interiors by not spending too much money. Laminate flooring is the first choice of the active families of today. This product is not only attractive because it is reasonably priced as opposed to other options of flooring but it is also extremely durable. It is capable of sustaining a lot of traffic as well as demanding external factors in order to stay in very good condition.

Laminate flooring is durable because of the revolutionary methods of manufacture as well as working materials that are used for producing it. Genuine products like tile and wood floors are made of fiberboard. Laminate flooring is manufactured by gluing many layers of material and exerting medium or high pressure. These layers are joined in order to produce a highly resistant and stable product. Five characteristic layers are used in the process of manufacturing in order to give the flooring more protection, balance, stability, design and resistance to wear and tear. You will come across a huge variety of options in design to select from in laminate flooring. This is easy to understand because the motifs that are displayed on laminates are provided by a simple paper that is printed. Hence, when customers are on the lookout for a particular design, they have the chance of choosing from an innumerable variety of tile and wood reproductions for which they do not have to pay the price of authentic products. Homeowners can make use of laminates in order to achieve an authentic tile and wood facsimile for just two thirds of the price of the original products. The core of the laminate planks is hard. This makes them ideal to be used in all kinds of interiors. Laminate flooring can be used in places where the traffic is intensive and where heavy furniture is installed like stores and offices because one will not have to bother about the flooring being subjected to different kinds of plank damages like indentations. On the contrary, laminate flooring can be safely installed in areas that have heating systems set under the floor and in places that are prone to moisture like hallways and bathrooms. Laminate planks do not lose their shape as is the case of floors made of real wood that will definitely warp and shrink on exposure to severe humidity and temperature shift. Other characteristics of laminates are easy maintenance and cleaning. Laminate flooring can easily be used in kitchens as well as other areas that are subject to spills regularly.

The traditional method of installation required laminate floors to be glued. Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with glueless formats that are revolutionary. These procedures have cut the costs as well as installation time in half. Laminate flooring can also be installed on flooring that exists like cement, wood floors and tiles.

Use Google Drive on Android to save receipts & more

For those of you with an Android Phone (or iPhone I believe) this would be a good way to save, scan or email a number of documents, invoices, measurements while on your mobile phone or tablet to keep records, it saves them to PDF format and it could be handy for some.

I’ve also set this up to scan business cards of vendors, and contacts I may need for future reference and quick access. 

The key feature is that it can be emailed from your phone in a PDF format.